About us


A history of economic difficulty in Ghana has, over the years, had a detrimental effect on the standard of living; and on education, in particular.

Where there is a breakdown in the extended family network, problems are worsened. Children’s education tend to be the first casualty when a

family encounters financial difficulties. This such a situation, girls are in general, more affected than boys. The issue gets even worse if such a child resides in a rural environment.

“A poor girl from a rural area is 2 times more likely to be excluded from education than a boy from a rich urban household”  (unicef).

We’ve helped over 1,000 children reach their potential in Africa.

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Our Story

Registered both in the UK (TACCO) and The Netherlands (Stichting TACCO), we work closely with our supporters and volunteers to manage our projects, including:

  • Creche/Kindergarten
  • Children’s Library
  • Youth Development

We have, over the years, been fortunate to receive a good number Gap-Year students, tourists and friends to serve as volunteers onsite, where the local community benefited immensely from the knowledge transfer and direct assistance, provided.

These external volunteers, in turn, have always appreciated the rich combination of making a change while experiencing a through traditional hospitality and learning to know the local culture.