Creche & Kindergarten

The creche serves as a daycare centre(subsequently expanded to kindergarten and primary 1-2  in 2022) for children who will otherwise, and without choice, be taken along to the market or family farm. This is can be distressful for both mother and child.  Above all, the children are then derived of social skills through lack of interactions with their peers, and the mothers, having to carry their young children on their back or tow them along, makes their day unproductive.

The has been a huge success due to the many volunteers (local and external), who have worked passionately to contribute to the well being of the children and indirectly to the productivity of the community.

In 2010, Alice Mckenzie (UK) performed a community survey on TACCO to evaluate how satisfied the community was with our services, and the result was very positive and encouraging.  It also revealed that children who have attended the creche were more confident and enjoyed primary school more than their counterparts (according to primary teachers from various schools).

One outstanding comment was how much the youth in the community enjoyed having volunteers (mainly Gap-Year students and other tourists) from various countries and learning and sharing their experiences.